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Cause and Effect
The 1st installment of Amanda's List

Lin was a fat girl who had a hard time making friends, maybe becuase she was so bitter toward everyone, and her low self-esteem. She locked her self in her room only reading books on chemistry. She was a big science buff. It was the only subject in school that she ever put any effort into. With her vast knowledge of chemistry, she got an idea for a way to get back at all the pretty girls who had the figures and looks that she'd never have. She'd make a formula that would cause intense weight gain in the human body when applied to food or drink.
Now, it's been about two months since she started this project, and, so far,  she was near completion. Locked in her dark room, she had only a little bit of light to see what she was doing. She streched her arms over her head, stiff from working  hours into the night. Her shirt lifted up about half way, to expose her belly which hung over her belt. Embarassed about how her clothes always seem to fit too small, she quickly stopped streching and pulled her shirt back down. She adjusted the bra that held her massive DD-cup breasts. They were always a pain, becuase they were just in the way and often the obession of lecherous boys, who would cop a feel for time to time. She put her long plum colored hair up in a pony tail and adjusted her glasses. She just sucessfully completed a batch of liquid helium, which was an important element in her formula. The helium would fuse to body fat, causing parts of the body with any amount of fat on them to expand to three times the normal size. This was the reaction from one drop! Think about how much damage one FL.oz could do.
Feeling that it was time to take a break, she squeezed her tank ass out of her chair. Looking at her clock, she thought,"Damn, it's 3:00 in the morning." Realizing this, she begins to feel a bit sleepy. However, she has to get this finished before she goes to bed. So, to combat her drowsiness, she reaches into her mini fridge and pulls out a cola. Recklessly, she  pours it in an empty beakor. She was to lazy to get a glass from the kitchen. Taking a few sips, she then sets it down by the rest of her lab equipment, and goes out to the restroom.
However, Lin was unaware this whole time that there has been someone else in her room, hiding in her closet, and spying on her. It was girl named Amanda. She had been Lin's only friend, but, because of her bitterness, they had a falling out with each other. This really hurt Amanda's feelings and she wanted to get back at her. When they were friends, Lin had told her about the formula. Not thinking Lin was serious, she never put much thought into the concept. Later on, though, Lin threatened her, saying, "You'll be the first victim to experince the reaction!" Amanda grew paranoid.
That was when she decided to find out the fact of the matter. Amanda slid her petite body queitly out of the closet to investigate Lin's equipment and possibly sabotage the whole process. She was clad in a full leather body suit that showed, in full, her tiny lilith body (overall making her Very sexy). She had crept into the house earlier, when the pig went to pick up a stack of pizzas that she ordered for dinner. She spent seven long hours cramped in that filthy closet and watched everything. Now was Amanda's chance to move.  She took off her ski mask to reveal her long jet black hair and soft face. "Be the first, huh?"
   Amanda darted about Lin's room, looking for the best way to ruin the night's work. She got the idea to pour the vial of liquid helium out the window, since she knew how important it was. As she picked it up, she heard fat footsteps coming toward the room. Thinking hastily, she poured the vial into a random beakor of liquid, so it wouldn't mix with Lin's formula. Thus, it would delay the process, since it takes a long time to make liquid helium. As she poured, she heard a fizzing sound, but didn't think anything of it. When the vail was empty, she looked down to see that it was the beakor of cola in her other hand. She put the beakor and the vail back where they originally were, and hurried back into her hiding spot.
   Not a moment to soon, Lin walked into her room. Everything right as she left it. Amanda was gone like a ninja, leaving no trace of her presence. Stealth was her friend. Lin's breasts bounced as she let out a very big yawn. Groaning, she picked up the beakor of cola and chugged it. She was too tired to even notice the slight change in flavor. "That should keep me going," she said before se let out a belch. Moments later she felt her stomach rumble. She put her hand on her belly, thinking it was just becuase of an empty stomach, but as she was pushing on her belly she felt it push back and tighten.... Tighter.... Now really tight like she just finished a big meal. "What the!?" She thought as she looked and saw her belly slowly push out. Her shirt slid up over her bloating belly. In a trance, she watched her fat stomach seemingly grow bigger and bigger. She put both hands on her belly. Feeling it expand more and more, she snapped out fo her trance and realized what was happening.She cried, "I'm blowing up!?" Saying that, she felt a tug at her bra. She put her hands on her breasts and felt the same bloating as in her belly. Not only her breast, but also her underwear started to ride up her ass. The expansion lifted her up a little, as well as made her chair fit tighter around her ass."Why? This can't be happening!" she whispered. She tried to squeeze out from her seat. This proved to be a very difficult task, but she managed. She waddled toward the full body mirror beside her closet to look at her swelling self.
She made it half way across the room before she fell and landed on her ballooning butt. The weight of her body caused her to fall  backward, with her belly and boobs pointing up. She could barley lift her head up, but she managed. She saw that her belly had grown twice the size of what it was. Her shirt pulled all the way up, exposing the fullness of her belly. It looked like a giant flesh colored dome. Amazed that she even saw her belly over her know melon sized breasts, she moaned. They caused her a great deal of pain, as her bra pulled and dug into her skin.The band logo on her shirt streched out, and started to rip around her swelling bosom. She layed at a slight angle due to the odd swelling of her big butt. She struggled to find someway to get back up on her feet, but for the time being she was helpless. She wiggled around, hoping to roll herself over but the inflation got worse as she did.
   Hearing her closet door open, she picked up her head in order to peak over her ballooning body.  She saw a black firgure emerge from out of the darkness and heard a giggle. Lin said, "I know that laugh....Amanda!?" The figure replied, "Hehehe, yes indeedy!" Amanda leaped onto Lin's belly. Giving it a big ol' hug, she sank into the mass of flesh. She layed there feeling Lin's belly push her upwards. Suddenly, it surged forth faster. "Wha-wha are you doing here?" Lin cried, "Why is this happening? Wha have you done to me!?" Amanda crawled over Lin's belly to get near her face. Her elbows dug into to each of Lin's breasts. "There you go again, always assuming that I did something wrong," Amanda retorted with an grin, "But in this case, I guess you're right my lil' fat balloon friend." As they were chatting, Lin's belly had rose up to three feet high in the air. Her bra struggled to hold her massive breasts, which were now very convexed and gave her deep clevage. Lin bellowed,"Tell me you bitch! What did you do? Oooooo... You don't know how this feels!  Aaaooo... So...Big...My clothes are hurting me." Lin moaned and groaned. Amanda, almost buried in Lin's clevage, just laughed at her plight. "Silly girl, I poured your liquid helium into your drink, that you so irresponsibly left out near your equiment...I don't know how this is even physically possible, but I like it." Lin's eyes grew wide in terror, "NOOO!!! The helium mixed with the carbonation of the soda must have caused a chain reaction...That must be it, and when movement occours the two elements mix causing further expansion........" Both girls paused for a moment, wondering how Lin snapped out of the shock of being inflated to calmly explain her theory of the sitution. She then got back to her moaning.
Amanda had an evil glint in her eyes, followed by a wicked smile. She snickered, "Rrrrrreally? Then if what you say is true...Let's test it and found out!"  Lin paniced. Sweat poured down her face, whereas she knew what Amanda was about to do. "No, no please don't I'm already big enough," she pleaded. Amanda inched down Lin's body. Her leather suit slid softly over the smooth tummy, sending chills up Lin's spine. Positioning herself at just the right spot on Lin, she gave the belly a big hug, once more, only this time digging her heels into Lin's sides. She began to sway from side to side, making Lin's whole body rock back and forth. Sure enough this cuased a massive surge of pressure to build up inside of Lin.
   Amanda held on tight as Lin's body expanded. Her belly shot up and out now measuring well over five feet in diameter. Her ass swelled as if there were two beanbags inflating beneath her. This in turn caused her pants to split right down the middle and expose a pair of very femme, pink panties. Her thunder thighs rubbed together, and made a sound like rubber being squeezed. Her breasts, which hadn't much freedom to expand with the rest of her body, finally got their chance to catch up. As they grew to the size of large beachballs, her super-industrial bra exploded off of her. Her whole body began to lift up off the ground. With titanic tits that pointed up, and dinner plate sized nipples, they looked to be under a lot of pressure. These were the first to be lifted into the air and carry her farther upwards.
Her body turned upright, making it easy for Amanda to just step down. When she did, Lin bobbed in mid-air for a bit, then tipped backwards, and, head first, began spinning helplessly in the air. Her expasion slowed back to a normal rate, (slowed, not stopped). Amanda looked in quiet awe at her once friend who was now a helpless balloon. "You know," Amanda spoke softly, "I feel embarassed saying this, but looking at you now.... it's kind of a turn on." The last things that Lin wanted to hear right now was that in this deformed state, she was sexy. Although she couldn't bring herself to say it, deep down Lin sort of enjoyed this, too. It was an overload of excitment, danger, and humility. She wanted to agree with Amanda, it was kind of a turn on.
"But!" Amanda said, snapping them both out of thier moment of thought, "It's what you deserve. Call it karma." Lin got very irrate. "Karma? KARMA!?" Lin shouted, "How does this have anything to do with Karma!? I'm a scienist damnit! There is no Karma, only cause and effect!" Amanda grabbed hold of Lin's nipples and gently rubbed her thumbs over them, again teasing Lin in her vulnerable state. "Well my dear," Amanda replied, "This is like Cause and Effect. You wanted to use your formula to make all the other girls who are prettier than you turn into blimps, but instead this happened to you. All becuase you spend your time getting back at people for YOUR short-comings. If you really wanted people to accept you, you could've done  something else about it. However, becuase you cared too much about you and not about anyone else, not even your best friend.... this has happened to you." This made Lin not only angier but confused, "Wha the hell are you getting at!?" Amanda retorted, "Short and simple...You're a bitch and should deal with your fate." With that, she flipped Lin downawrds causing her to spin faster, then Amanda delivered a spinning round house kick into Lin's belly which sent her flying back. As she bounced off the wall, all this voilent movement caused another build up. This time it may have been too much.
Lin's body shook voilently as the pressure built up inside her body more and more. Her belly ballooned outwards. Big and round, it surged forth. It was well over ten feet wide now. Her belly pretty much comsumed all of her body, expect for two giant orbs that were her breasts. She swelled bigger and bigger. So big, she could no longer see over them. Her ass and thighs widened to the point where it looked like she could give birth to an elephant. Her plump arms looked like giant fat suasages. She swelled so massively that she filled up half the room. The top of her belly touched the ceiling and her sides touched walls. "OooooOOooo!!" Lin cried out in a combination of panic and orgasm, "I..I..I'm way too big...I g-g-g-gonna explode! Noooo! ooooOOOOooo, I don't wanna die like this; popped like a child's toy. Please Help! You gotta help me!" Amanda just shrugged, "Sorry girl, but your beyond help, now. Just lie back and enjoy the final moments of your life, as big fat naked balloon girl. However If it's any comfort I will continue the research of your formula for you, since it will come in handy for me. Bye-bye now!" Amanda grabbed Lin's notes and stuff and headed towards the window. "Please.... don't leave me...." Lin pleaded in between her moans. Feeling a little sorry for her, Amanda stopped, turned around, and decided to watch the finale. Lin's body was so big it now filled up 3/4th's of the room. Her body pressed againts the walls, causing them to creak and crack. Soon her expansion stopped, but the pressure kept on building and building. Lin felt a rumble deep within, small at first then within seconds grew bigger and bigger. Her body began to pulsate. This was Amanda's que, 'get the fuck out of Dogde.'    "ooOOOoooOOOoo... this is it...." Lin cried with a red face, and skin now tight as a drum, ""


And with that, in almost an action movie-like sence, Amanda dove out of the 3rd story window to escape the blast caused by the ticking time bomb that was her fat lil' friend Lin. The explosion lit up the night sky with a ball of fire, due to the mixing chemicals. Lin's body left a giant hole in her house that burned up everything above and below where her room was. Nothing was left, no shred of evindence, nothing to get a DNA sample from, nothing.
It was the perfect murder.
Amanda landed outside in Lin's yard, and decided to not hang around. Someone must have heard that. Looking around, she saw all the lights in the neighborhood turn on. She quickly darted down the street, and into the clearing where she left the car. She hopped in and sped off into the night with Lin's Notes. Amanda could easily produce the formula that Lin was making, and maybe even improve on it.
Why does she want this formula so bad?
Find out in the next installment of:                      Amanda's List.  
This version under went some fine tuning and editing. Still the same content still the same story. Enjoy!
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Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Popped for revenge by her own formula, plus an addition. Not into inflation, but I am into revenge, and this is well done, very much so!
hfilled1967 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Still hands down one of my top three favs!
hfilled1967 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
FInallu used the formula as a plot device in my piece "The Ski Lodge, pt. 1" It'll make a comeback in "Part 2." This is so awesome, I still come back to it.
Nooone91 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
AWESOME!!! everything about this is perfect. the last paragraph before she blows has the best pre-detonation build up iv ever seen. great dialogue. how she rumbles and turns red, and how the other girl actually has to escape from the explosion. also how the actually explodes, rather than just bursts. not many people do that but the danger makes it so much better :D
hfilled1967 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2010
I want more!!
hfilled1967 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2009
Sequel!! Sequel!! Sequel!!
Fukureru-Shogun Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2009
Its nice to see the chubby, nerdy gal inflated...

I have a thing for them. XD
Alecdeluxe Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I love stories where the inflation schemes backfire on the schemer. "You're a bitch and should deal with your fate"--my favourite line here. One of my all-time favourites, like on my Top 10. Needless to say, I give this story: Four balloons!
TehARTFULLBazzard Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2007
This is excellent!
darth-clone19 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
Well, at least she felt a little sorry for her lol

I always wondered what happened to the next installments...
MartmeisterPaladin Featured By Owner May 5, 2006  Hobbyist
Oh my life. From now on, I must only drink from a hip-flask, if Amanda DOES intend to use the formula. This is great. I think you SHOULD write Amanda's List.
InflationMage Featured By Owner May 6, 2006
Awwe thank you! Motovation!
MartmeisterPaladin Featured By Owner May 6, 2006  Hobbyist
Meh. It's all I'm good at, really. :XD:
maeanalda Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
thats the best ever!!! EVER!!!!
MagicV Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
Though you really should separate it more(sorry for posting twice)
MagicV Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2005
Really GREAT so far, can't wait for the next chapter
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